Delivering Adult Social Care under the Care Act, 2014

A minimum of 40 hours CPD

Unit Overview

The Care Act, 2014 embraces personalisation as the new way of working; service provision is placed in the background and choice and control positioned front of house. Whilst personalisation has been around for several years it has been deployed to varying degrees by different local authorities.

The Open Learning Foundation recognises that understanding the requirements of the Care Act itself is a major task, but to affect a culture change is even more daunting.

This new Unit in the popular 'Using the law in Social Work' series covers all the relevant provisions in the Care Act, 2014. It has been written to help care professionals move away from the out-going legislation by developing understanding of the new context of providing people with support and developing a social care market.

The Unit is interactive, with learning and incorporates video clips from people who receive care and support, carers, professionals and a Head of Service, and incorporates the 'Care and Support Statutory Guidance, Oct 2014'. We hope you will find it useful both as a learning resource and as a helpful reference to consult as Adult Social Care evolves to meet the new challenges presented by the Care Act.