Building Partnerships Across Professional Boundaries

Learning Outcomes

  • Critically discuss the fluid nature of organisations; their boundaries, structures and power dynamics, and the process of gaining an external view of your own organisational culture and practice, in order to creatively develop it.
  • Critically analyse the relationships between cross-professional patterns and gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, class, educational background and age; critically evaluate their impact on new models of service delivery.
  • Critically appraise the processes you have used to break down barriers between partners and to work collaboratively across professional identities and organisational divides in order to develop person centred care, integrated services and broad health improvement across health and social care;
  • Analyse the complexity of political and managerial accountabilities and systems/processes for achieving them, in the changing context and practice of cross-professional health and social care within local, national and international contexts;
  • Critically evaluate the success of different strategies for service user involvement and public participation in designing, planning and evaluating services, drawing on your own practice;
  • Critically Reflect upon your skills and approaches to developing positive and equitable approaches to working with partners, discussing how you have worked with others, such as staff, to do the same, drawing together issues of leadership, conflict management, staff development, dialogue and the multi-disciplinary team;