e-Business Introduction

Learning Outcomes

  • differentiate the key technologies associated with the growth of the Internet;
  • discuss the reasons behind the success of some of the early 'dot-com' pioneers;
  • define the meaning and scope of e-business;
  • identify the main benefits and barriers to the adoption of e-business within organisations;
  • identify the main e-technologies that are required to achieve e-business solutions;
  • analyse opportunities for e-business in B2B and B2C markets;
  • describe the common combinations of e-business transactions and illustrate with examples;
  • explain what is meant by m-commerce, and illustrate with examples of its potential application to business;
  • identify and review key e-business models;
  • describe the key drivers influencing a business to adopt e-business techniques;
  • Identify the future challenges and opportunities from e-business technologies
  • evaluate how future technologies and business models may impact upon businesses;