Further Group Work and Teamwork

Learning Outcomes

General:Understand the basis for further work with and within groups;Appreciate how to carry out work with family groups;Understand how to carry out work with community groups;Grasp the main aspects of working with and within teams;Unit Specific:Unit 1:

  • describe the nature, purposes and contexts of working with families as groups;
  • explain some principles of working with family groups;
  • identify some issues, processes and skills in planning, beginning, continuing and concluding work with family groups;

Unit 2:

  • define the different types of community groups and how people become involved in such groups
  • define the principles which underpin working with community groups and how touse them in practice
  • use a planning checklist and a community profile to help you to plan work with community groups
  • recognise what is involved in beginning work with community groups
  • identify how to carry out and evaluate practice with community groups.

Unit 3:

  • define the nature of teams and team work;
  • explain the importance of supportive relationships between team members;
  • describe what is involved in working in a team as a leader or as another member;
  • specify the tasks and issues involved in team development;
  • evaluate team work;