Diabetes Unit 4

Learning Outcomes

Unit 4 Standards 10 & 11: Detection and Management of long-term complications – Retinopathy and nephropathy

  • Examine in depth the pathophysiology related to diabetic retinopathy and renal complications of diabetes.
  • Critically examine issues related to assessment/re-assessment and screening in the detection of these long-terms complications of diabetes mellitus, and the treatment and management these complications.
  • Revisit some of the issues related to pharmacology of diabetes mellitus in the context of the detecting and managing these two long-term complications.
  • Explore critically the current research and literature related to best care with regard to the detection, treatment and management of diabetic retinopathy and diabetic nephropathy.
  • Analyse Standards 10 – 11 from the NSF for Diabetes and apply these to practice.