Partnership Working in Health and Social Care

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the origins of collaborative working
  • Identify your own, and others, informal and formal network for inter-organisation working and collaboration
  • Describe how multi-professional teams work in practice and identify the main barriers to inter-organisation co-operation
  • Identify the impact of an organisation’s culture on inter-organisation co-operation and explain the pressures to achieve such co-operation
  • Identify how issues of confidentiality and information sharing need to be addressed as a pre-requisite to effective collaborative working.
  • Identify the role of legislation in developing collaborative relationships
  • Identify areas of health and social work where collaboration has already been successfully achieved
  • Explain the need for protocols between organisations when working together
  • Describe the need to make specific arrangements for issues of confidentiality and information sharing
  • Recognise the need to develop common values and a common purpose to develop effective collaboration
  • Recognise how person centred approaches make for more effective collaboration
  • Understand why managing risk encourages person centredness and how this can be transferred to develop similar strategies when responding to need