Who are we?

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The OPEN LEARNING FOUNDATION is an educational charity (Number: 1000055) originally funded through membership subscriptions from Higher Education institutions.

We have adapted to changes in learning and we do so again by now providing an open educational resource of learning materials in Business Studies; Social Work & social Care; and Health and Nursing.

Our NEW approach…
the aim of the olf

“To promote and provide for the advancement of higher and further education for the public benefit and, in particular, but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, to develop and provide for and to promote the obtaining of diplomas, certificates and other distinctions and qualifications whether by attendance at polytechnic, higher education corporations and other institutions providing higher and further education within or outside the United Kingdom or otherwise.”

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a short history

The Open Learning Foundation was established in the 1970’s as the Open Polytechnic Foundation but the name was changed to the Open Learning Foundation by special resolution on 9th December 1991. The Articles of Association and objectives set out for the Charity Commission, remained the same essentially.

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free learning materials

Thank you for your interest in our learning materials.

Please look at our catalogue and let us know if you are interested in any of the materials.

Many of the materials will be free, and some may have a small fee.

We must however offer a word of warning, which applies only to some of the free materials, but which we must nevertheless set out.

“The OLF, and CAPDM, which is providing this open educational resource, accept no liability arising from the use of these free materials.”

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Please register with your e-mail and state which materials are of interest so we can get back to you.

  • Most materials will be accessed for NO CHARGE by anybody.
  • They are an open educational resource for use by lecturers and learners alike.
  • We will not supply your email to any third party.
  • We reserve the right to follow up with a very short email survey to see what use has been made of the materials when they are downloaded.
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Additional features

We have additional features and aspirations to work with new partners

Exemplar of contemporary e-learning

Adult Care is a module that is not only up to date, but is also on a platform, which shows just how e-learning can be provided for the learners of today and tomorrow. You may be interested in gaining access to our support and expertise to achieve a similar product for your own use.

Providing accreditation

We are looking for partners who, using our website and materials, will provide accreditation for the completion of workbooks and the activities contained within them. This process may involve modification of the materials for which we may provide additional support.

Marketing and promotion

We will use our profile as an educational charity and social media to attract learners to our website and in turn will direct them to partners to gain accreditation of various types and levels

Learning materials

Current core subject areas:

  • Business Studies – includes:-
    • Accountancy
    • Business development; environment; research methods
    • E-business – technologies; strategies; funding; impact
    • International business strategy
    • Managerial – finance; people; enterprise; marketing;
    • Operations management
  • Social Work/Social Care – includes:-
    • Safeguarding
    • Adult care
    • Developing Quality Care
    • Loss and social work
    • Ethics and values
    • Collaborative working
    • Social work practice and the legal system
  • Health & Nursing - includes:-
    • Dementia care
    • Evaluative research in nursing
    • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
    • Introduction to Pharmacology for health workers
    • Research Methodology
    • Pandemic Influenza

These materials are in the form of Word documents so they can easily be adapted for use in different ways, to suit the needs of individuals and their institutions. They are designed to be used by staff who are busy but want to access some useful support materials and activities for their students for existing delivery, but at the other extreme to be used as the foundation for online modules and even courses, with assessments added to suit learning levels and needs.

The materials were developed, and updated from time to time, by academic staff with subject expertise and the ability to write materials and activities to the OLF standards and format.

Materials Layout – general but with slight variations

Learning Outcomes


Learning profile/review of learning on commencement

Guidance on completing the module


  • Text to read accompanied by references as needed
  • A question (with indicative time to work through the potential answers)
  • An answer – or points the student may have reflected on

Further activities

Progress checks – possibly linked to formative assessment

Further activities – and so on

Potential Assessment (Note some use activity ‘answers’ in a workbook or e-portfolio)

Overall reading list

Learning review on completion